My 2018 Savings Challenge

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I recently came across a savings challenge on Budgets Are Sexy and got seriously motivated to take it on.

Money Saving Chart -
Huge shout out and thank you to Jamie at for creating this beauty!

Now This I Can Do

I love this money-saving chart for its flexibility and do-ability. Most savings charts I’ve seen seem unachievable. They start small and simple enough but usually include incremental increases that mean by Christmas I’m supposed to find an extra $40-50 a week somewhere to hit my goal.

I don’t know about you, but for me to save upwards of $100 around Christmas, Santa would have to drop a hundred dollar bill in my stocking.

Which is why I love and am actually excited to tackle this challenge.

Taking It a Step Further

I’m not sure what I want to apply this savings goal money to, so instead of pulling it out of our family funds, I plan to do this with cash out of my own fun money. Currently, I am budgeted $25 every payday (2 weeks), which normally goes toward lunch out with my son. I love our lunches out, but since he usually chooses Five Guys I’m hoping we can negotiate a cheaper meal or an alternative outing.

I started out the first week of January with a little over $20 cash in my wallet and 2 weeks until payday, so I’m checking off a couple of the lower amounts until I can build up my fun money category.

I’m actually saving up to save! How crazy is that? It’s a testament to how motivating this little chart is.

I highly encourage you to jump on board and join me in this savings challenge. Whether you’re able to start early in the year with me or you come across this sometime later, it’s never too late to start challenging yourself to save.

Thanks again to Jamie at for creating this amazing tool! You can download the chart here.

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2 thoughts on “My 2018 Savings Challenge”

    1. You should check out Pinterest. I like this chart over the more structured and incremental ones I’ve seen, but there are others that looked interesting. There were a couple geared towards kids that I might see if my son wants to try.

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