At-A-Glance Bill Calendar

We get paid bi-weekly, which can make monthly budgeting a challenge.

I firmly believe in the YNAB way of only budgeting the money you have available (not what you expect to receive), but as much as I love all things YNAB, the monthly layout isn’t exactly helpful for seeing where you are at a glance, especially when you’re in the paycheck to paycheck cycle.

So I’m experimenting with my own creation this month.

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Unexpected Expenses: A Failure to Plan

You Don't Know What You Don't Know. Until I started budgeting I never really knew what I was spending. Even after budgeting for years, I've never really analyzed the data looking for patterns. I assumed I knew roughly what was coming in and how much was going out. I was…

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The Government Is Sabotaging My Budget

Confession time: I’m a bit of a control freak. I get anxious whenever any aspect of my life is under someone else’s control. We’re a single income household, reliant on the Federal government for our paycheck, so this latest government shutdown has been a bit of a wake-up call about…

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Do You Really Need an Emergency Fund?

What Exactly Is an Emergency Fund? Almost universal across all personal finance advice is to build up an emergency fund so you don’t get derailed by unexpected expenses. But what that means can take on different forms. Some say to save up $1000 to guard against unexpected expenses like car…

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2018: Making a Fresh Start

Happy New Year! Well, 2017 was definitely a year to forget regarding our finances. We were so close to paying off all our debt, only to see it quadruple in the summer! But I’m thankful we have the resources to deal with it and have a new awareness of both…

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