How To Save When You Spend

One of the toughest parts of getting out of debt is finding extra ways to save when you’ve already cut your spending to the bare minimum.

It may seem like there’s no other option apart from exploring ways to earn more money, but there is something you can do.

You can save when you spend.

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My 2018 Savings Challenge

I recently came across a savings challenge on Budgets Are Sexy and got seriously motivated to take it on. Now This I Can Do I love this money-saving chart for its flexibility and do-ability. Most savings charts I've seen seem unachievable. They start small and simple enough but usually include…

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Getting Cash Flow Positive

Every time I’m working on my budget, it always feels like we don’t have enough money to go around. If you find yourself in a similar position, you might have a cash flow problem. So let’s make it our next goal to get cash flow positive. But what exactly does…

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