5 Ways to Save Money This Christmas

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Who am I kidding? Christmas goodies have been out since Halloween, but I live in the desert so it doesn’t “feel” like Christmas until we have to turn the heat on. (Which I did last night only to have the smoke detectors…

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More Ways to Save When You’re Broke

If you tackled the fastest way to save and are now looking for more ways to go from broke, try your hand at these next suggestions. Actively Track Your Spending The best way to alter your behavior is to acknowledge it. It’s easy to spend mindlessly if you’re ignoring your…

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The Fastest Way to Save Money When You’re Broke

Full Confession We're not really broke, but I feel broke. We’ve recently had to put some massive vet bills on our credit card (thank you giant mass on Duke’s liver), and because I’d like to pay them down ASAP, we’re having to tighten our spending elsewhere. Technically we’re not broke…

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