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As Christmas approaches, I thought it’d be a good time to shift the focus from spending money on gifts to spending time with your family.

So here are 12 days of free Christmas fun to have with the family!

12 Days of Free Christmas Fun 1
  • Day 1 – Write letters to Santa
  • Day 2 – Make hot chocolate together
  • Day 3 – Make your own ornament
  • Day 4 – Take a drive to see the Christmas lights 
  • Day 5 – Make Christmas cards
  • Day 6 – Have a family game night
  • Day 7 – Donate some toys or clothes to charity
  • Day 8 – Have a snowball fight*
  • Day 9 – Visit Santa
  • Day 10 – Bake some Christmas cookies
  • Day 11 – Watch a Christmas movie
  • Day 12 – Read your favorite Christmas story

Here’s a free printable with all 12 days of free Christmas fun.

12 Days of Free Christmas Fun 2

Cut them out and mix them up in a jar or bowl, then let your kids pick one out each morning to add a little mystery to your day!

*If you’re in a non-snowy environment like us, try this snowball fight tin for year-round fun.

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