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  1. I am sorry, but is it just me? We place orders every week, use to get order in one to two days. Now it is 3 to 5 days. Also. Prime video, movies and shows we watched, now they charge you to see, plus video quality sucks. The audio is always off track with lips. I am hearing this from other friends. Yet price goes up every year. Let us know your thoughts. We have been members for over 8 years, overall we have seen decline.

    1. I haven’t noticed any dropoff in shipping speeds myself, but if something does arrive outside the 2-day window, you can contact Amazon support and they’ll usually extend out your Prime subscription as an apology.

    2. We order quite a bit from Amazon, but are not usually in a hurry so don’t need fast shipping. My disappointment with Prime is that they charge a fee for many movies and shows that used to be included with Prime and many of them are older shows. I used to watch a lot on Prime, but now everything I want to watch costs extra, so not such a good value anymore.

  2. I suppose I’d sing Amazon Prime’s praises if every link made me money when one of my readers clicked on it. I know you disclosed your affiliate status above the article, but if you’re receiving your packages in two days, (or even three) you’re the only one in the world. NO ONE on earth is talking about Prime being a great deal any longer. Your article is false and misleading. Even Amazon admits they have slowed down their packing and shipping times. It’s on their site.

    Since this comment probably won’t stay on this page for long, (if at all) I’m reporting this link to their affiliates department for misleading info. Making money is one thing. Making money by feeding people lies is another.

    1. I’m sorry your experience with Amazon Prime differs so much from mine. I checked my purchases from the past couple of months and only once has something taken longer than 2 days to get here (it took 3). Maybe it’s a regional thing or an issue with third-party sellers. But for the other reasons mentioned in this article, I still think Prime is a great value. I spend more annually for Netflix than I do for Prime and I get a lot more value from Amazon.

  3. Very rarely do I get anything in 2 days mostly it takes 5-6 day and a lot of the time it takes 2 weeks. Things have been screwy since Covid. Also I never get receipts
    anymore, I mean never. I am questioning whether I should keep prime.
    I rarely use any of the other benefits.
    Also it’s impossible to get through to them on the phone. One other thing I called amazon and asked for help getting on prime video I was given another number to call. That
    Other call resulted in me be defrauded out of over $500 in gift cards. Amazon took off the charges but it creeped me out that the number I was given by an amazon
    employee involved me in a fraudulent transaction.

    1. Yikes! That definitely sounds like a bad experience. I’m fortunately still getting quick Prime shipments, but I’m seeing a lot of “Free shipping” options that take much longer. If you buy something marked Prime and don’t get it in 2 days, reach out to Customer Service, and they’ll usually extend your membership for free. As much as I despise paying for shipping, I don’t think I’d pay for Prime if I weren’t using the other services.

  4. I was just online with customer service asking what exactly I’m paying for with Prime because I’m no longer receiving items the same week. the INSTANT GRATIFICATION is gone (since 2020). Items I order on Thursday or Friday aren’t expected for delivery until the following Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday. They say it’s due to the warehouse. Did they move away from where I live? Doubtful. That said, I order things for a family member who lives near a warehouse and he receives his goods in 1-2 days. So who knows?!
    Also, Prime Reading? I know about Kindle and Kindle Unlimited. But I haven’t heard of Prime Reading. Regardless, you have to pay for Kindle purchases and not all reading is included in Unlimited. Check with your library. You can get FREE books to read via your Kindle. Even my small town offers it!
    As for the music, you can only play music in one room at a time UNLESS you purchase their music program. That’s a little something they should include from the beginning. I had an Alexa at my studio and the music kept turning off. It turned out that my cleaning woman would listen while she cleaned my home and we couldn’t have both playing at one time. That lesson sucked! That would have been good to know PRIOR to purchasing 4 echo devices! ALSO..I have been playing Amazon music in my treatment room for years, now all of the sudden we are startled by ads. This is NOT okay. Amazon is pushing customers to buy more and more of their streaming services AFTER they sold us something that didn’t require that initially. Perhaps future products should require a membership, but pre-existing owners should not be subjected to this. Also, sometimes it will play music until you turn it off, but most often, shuts off in an hour. It’s annoying to have to restart her. ALSO, it used to be “Alexa Dismiss” or “Alexa Resume” and NOW if you say DISMISS nothing happens and if you say RESUME she goes on about Brazil!
    I do like the Shopping Cart option, except whenever I get to the back of a store, there’s no connection so I can’t see the list. I’ve found myself taking screenshots before going in so I have access to it while I shop. ALSO, some of the things that she adds..sheesh! We can’t figure out what they are! So you have to either type it in or watch as it is added to make sure it’s correct.
    All in all, is Prime worth it? You can stream Spotify or Pandora music and use your phone or a speaker and it’s certainly less than PRIME. With all of the streaming services, Amazon Prime Video can’t compare. You can subscribe to Hulu, Netflix and others for significantly less than Prime. If you want to do a shopping list, you can add it to your phone under Notes or use one of the many free apps. As for delivery, it’s nice to not have to pay for it, so if you shop all the time for personal and biz as I do, then it could be worth it, even though it takes over a week to receive my goods. On the flip side, Amazon notes on PRIME items that prices may be lower from other sellers because shipping is included in that PRIME item. It’s definitely worth seeing how much you actually save before renewing Prime. I don’t think I will for 2023.

    1. Thanks for weighing in! I agree, I think a lot of the benefits may not apply to everyone anymore. My renewal comes up this month, and I think I’ll stick with it. Prime Video alone is worth it for me because of some of their original series. But I do need to re-evaluate all our subscriptions. We actually pay more for Netflix (around $17/mo) than Prime, but I think my husband watches Netflix more. We were able to get the Disney+ bundle included in our cell phone package, though, so that saves us a little bit.

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