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  1. I am sorry, but is it just me? We place orders every week, use to get order in one to two days. Now it is 3 to 5 days. Also. Prime video, movies and shows we watched, now they charge you to see, plus video quality sucks. The audio is always off track with lips. I am hearing this from other friends. Yet price goes up every year. Let us know your thoughts. We have been members for over 8 years, overall we have seen decline.

    1. I haven’t noticed any dropoff in shipping speeds myself, but if something does arrive outside the 2-day window, you can contact Amazon support and they’ll usually extend out your Prime subscription as an apology.

  2. I suppose I’d sing Amazon Prime’s praises if every link made me money when one of my readers clicked on it. I know you disclosed your affiliate status above the article, but if you’re receiving your packages in two days, (or even three) you’re the only one in the world. NO ONE on earth is talking about Prime being a great deal any longer. Your article is false and misleading. Even Amazon admits they have slowed down their packing and shipping times. It’s on their site.

    Since this comment probably won’t stay on this page for long, (if at all) I’m reporting this link to their affiliates department for misleading info. Making money is one thing. Making money by feeding people lies is another.

    1. I’m sorry your experience with Amazon Prime differs so much from mine. I checked my purchases from the past couple of months and only once has something taken longer than 2 days to get here (it took 3). Maybe it’s a regional thing or an issue with third-party sellers. But for the other reasons mentioned in this article, I still think Prime is a great value. I spend more annually for Netflix than I do for Prime and I get a lot more value from Amazon.

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