Monthly Money Challenge: Declutter

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Stuff. Ugh.

Everywhere I turn I’m facing random, unnecessary stuff.

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There are stacks of coupons I always forget to use, mail I haven’t opened, mail I’ve opened but haven’t dealt with, Homeschool lessons I haven’t put away…and toys. Toys from video games, toys from McDonald’s, toys from the doctor’s treasure chest, even toys from Christmas still unopened on the coffee table (again).

Every surface is covered with something and I’m just so sick of all the stuff!

So in an effort to tidy up and regain some peace and organization in my own home, this month’s Monthly Money Challenge is to declutter.

It may not sound inherently money related but all that stuff used to be dollars. It’s kind of depressing to picture stacks of dollar bills replacing all the items we don’t use. Honestly, looking around my living room right now, I’d only keep 2 things – my guitar and the TV (and that’s more for Mr. GFB…I’m usually watching things on my computer anyway).

I’m starting to believe all the stuff we have feeds the idea we need more. I feel like we’ve been conditioned to fill space when we see it.

I’d like to experiment with living in an environment where the only stuff we have is the things we need or enjoy and it’s all organized and tucked away. I’m curious to see if being surrounded by clean counters and shelves will lead to a feeling of contentment with what we have and no desire to add more to it.

So how am I going to tackle all this stuff? My simple goal is to purge one thing a day. Trash it, donate it, sell it. Whatever it takes to get rid of it.

Some days I may go further and clean an entire area, but I know I won’t find the time to do that every day. I’ve made a checklist with common clutter collecting areas. Hopefully, I can find the time to tackle all of them. If you want to join in, feel free to download a copy.

Take a quick look around you and survey the scene. Do you see stuff just cluttering up your surfaces and want a change? If so, leave a comment below, message me on social media, or reach out via email to let me know if you’re up for the challenge!

Note: I’m planning to post updates of what I’m decluttering each day on social media to hold myself accountable. Links to all my accounts are in the sidebar if you want to follow along or join in.

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1 thought on “Monthly Money Challenge: Declutter”

  1. Hi. I feel yah! I’m on the quest to declutter my brain! Started with the budget, then the body and skin care. Now on the house. I may not be able to post my progress, I’m on paper right now, old, new, shred, recycle. It’s tedious but I feel good knowing I’m being proactive in achieving my goal. I’ll be rooting for you.

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