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      1. I’m in New England and feel the same way about winter. Invent a scarf that regulates temperature based on our need for heating or cooling, maybe through a wrist watch monitoring our temp. The neck feels heat and cool first, so that’s the reason for a scarf.
        A cooling headband might also work.

  1. Ice cream. We spend too much money on going out for ice cream instead of buying a cheaper and larger carton at the store.

    We recently cut alcohol out of our budget, more for health purposes but the savings is nice!

    1. I’ve never been out for ice cream (my son has nut allergies), but it seems like it’s probably more about the experience than the ice cream. I doubt it’d be as satisfying to just drop a few scoops in a bowl at home. Maybe you can recreate the experience with an ice cream bar at home. Grab your favorite flavors and toppings and set them out assembly-line style. Yum! Now you’ve got me craving ice cream. :oD

  2. Too extreme. I don’t think paying for a gym membership and some occasional movie watching is a crime. After all, we all human being and we need some happy moments. I’m 44 years old and I’ve achieved FIRE without cancelling my gym membership or movie watching habit. And I started to save money and achieve FIRE in 8 years.

    1. It’s all about the cone for me and the flavor choices. Topping for some people.
      Get some fancy ice cream glasses. And only have one. Make it special.

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