Monthly Money Challenge: Keep The Change

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It’s almost a new month and you know what that means…a new money challenge!

I’m really enjoying these money challenges. It’s been a lot of fun switching things up every month. Definitely keeping me on my toes.

As enjoyable as it’s been, it’s also been tough at times. Anytime you force yourself to adopt a new behavior there’s going to be some resistance.

But in spite of the challenges it’s also been really informative and motivating.

And we’re only 3 months in!

So let’s keep it going!

This Month’s Challenge: Keep the Change

Similar to my spavings challenge, I’m looking to transfer some normally spent money into savings.

For “keep the change” I’ll be rounding up my spending to the nearest dollar and depositing that difference.

For example, if the grocery bill comes in at $96.47 I’ll round it up to $97 and throw that 53 cents into savings.

The Logistics

Since I’m a bit of an app junkie and enjoy trying out new apps and services I decided to try something new for this challenge – Qapital.

Hand holding a phone while using the Qapital app.

Qapital is an app that tracks your spending and links to your checking or savings account to automatically withdraw money to help you hit your savings goals. They even have a round-up rule to make things even easier!

I was a little worried about how to track most of our spending, since we use credit cards, but you can add multiple accounts and it tracks purchases from all of them.

It isn’t free, but they do have a free 30 day trial, which should work perfectly for this challenge if you want to join in.

My Purpose With This Challenge

I’m hoping this challenge will reveal whether rounding up your purchases is a viable form of savings, and if so, whether that savings justifies paying for the app.

Based on last month’s number of transactions, I’m expecting to save somewhere in the neighborhood of $80-$90. But considering how I got surprised on day 1 of the spavings challenge, anything could happen.

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