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  1. We have done a number of these things. One you didn’t list was dumping cable tv. We have an antenna and get 28 local channels free. More television than we need without paying for 100 channels we won’t watch.
    We have a garden with fruit trees, berry bushes, tomatoes, carrots, beans, peas, and other veggies we can and freeze. Picking 5 quarts of blueberries in a day knowing they go for $8 a quart in the store in a nice savings. We freeze a lot of them as well as baking and making jams which I give as gifts as well.
    I saw the image of the woman with her eyes closed taking shears to her hair, I cringe at how that would turn out if she actually did cut her hair.
    Hubby is the family barber and stylist. He gives my two boys their haircuts monthly using a combination of the clippers w/different attachments and the hair shears. He always does a great job, better than the barbershop. I get mine trimmed every other month to keep my ends neatly trimmed and remove splits. He does his own in the bathroom with two mirrors. I figure it saves me over $500 a year on the boys considering haircuts would be $15 each for them, plus transportation costs and probably close to the same for mine as it would be $75 for mine because it is past my elbows. I get compliments on my hair and hubby has cut my mom’s hair and gives haircuts to a couple of my friends. We were invited to a barbecue last weekend and my friend told me to make sure he brings his scissors as the last time he cut her hair was just before Christmas and she is overdue. Well after we ate and were hanging out on her deck, she asked him if he brought his scissors. He said he did and went to the car to get his bag of hair tools, while she got a stool from her kitchen. He then gave her a haircut while we chatted and sipped wine coolers. As he was finishing up her hair, One of her friends complimented his work and said my friend was lucky to get such service coming to her house. She then reached back and pulled her extremely long ponytail around to the front, held up the ends and said she really needed a trim. Hubby said no problem, he could do it if she wanted. I think we were all quite surprised when she said that would be great as she took her hair out of the ponytail and took a seat on the stool. She had to lift her hair up so that she wouldn’t be sitting on it, it was really quite long. He asked how much much did she want taken off, and she told him enough to have it straight across the bottom. Her ends were pretty ratty and hubby told her that would be about five inches to get it all even. She asked him to take it up to where she wouldn’t be sitting on it. It had been over two years since she last had it cut. So he did as we all watched. When he finished she looked down and mentioned that was a lot of hair on the floor, was that all hers and he told her pretty much so. She had my friend take a picture so she could see how it looked in the back, than thanked him for doing such a great job. So I think I have it pretty good when not only my friends ask him to cut their hair, but my friend’s friend asks him to cut her hair, especially as long as hers is. I can imagine that they would have easily charged her over $100 in the salon.
    We also change the oil in our vehicles, mower, snowblower and hubby sharpens the blades and changes belts as well. We insource whenever we can, and only hire out things we don’t have the capability to do.

    1. Wow! Not only am I impressed, but I am a bit jealous. You should have your hubby turn that into a side gig. Turn that money-saving skill into a money making one!

      1. To charge for a haircut, he would have to have a license. The time and cost to get a license is not something he wants to invest in or make a career of. So while he does have a knack for it, his hair cutting skills are used on family, friends and an occasional friend of a friend. He never takes a penny from my friends, even though they have offered to pay him. He does seem to enjoy doing the haircuts, but is not a fan of doing the coloring, although he has done the henna color for me, my mom and best friend. I think we were all really surprised when the woman with the extremely long hair asked him to cut hers. And we all watched intently as he took off a good 10 inches, I had never seen anyone with hair as long as hers getting a haircut. It really did look a whole lot better after he cut it as her hair was straggly looking due to going so long without having it cut. She doesn’t trust salons and the last time she had it cut was by a friend of hers, who didn’t do such a good job getting it even. So being she had just watched my husband cut my friend’s hair and do such a nice job, I guess it wasn’t such a crazy thing to do on her part. I wouldn’t be surprised if she comes with my friend to visit when she next wants a haircut and asks him to cut her hair again.

        1. Yeah, I imagine licensing would be a pain for a hobby. Glad he’s enjoying himself and saving you and your friends a ton of money though!

          1. It costs between $5000 -$15000 tuition, 1000 hours of experience under a licensed stylist before you can take the exam and then pay for a license. He is not going to spend the time and money to do that. And I don’t know if you would even call it a hobby, but it is a skill he picked up along the way, he seems to enjoy seeing the results of his work, and the compliments on how great a job he does, certainly strokes his ego. Especially when the lady with the really long hair mentioned to him she needed it cut, he did not hesitate to offer to do it for her, and of course she did not hesitate to say please do and she eagerly took a seat for a free haircut.

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